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This portal is dedicated to students interested in a Master’s Program from EPFL.

EPFL, The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Lausanne, gives access to most fields of Basic Sciences, Engineering and Architecture. At Master’s level, 24 programs are offered.

EPFL is a prestigious institute of technology, located in full view of the Alps, on the north side of Lake Geneva. From its foundation in 1853, EPFL has evolved into an internationally renowned institution that attracts some of the best intellects in the world. With state-of-the-art facilities, bright and motivated students, and outstanding faculty, EPFL’s reputation as a top-rate teaching and research institution continues to grow.


By all metrics used for international comparisons, Switzerland has consistently remained a global leader for its focus and investment in research and education. EPFL represents the quintessence of Switzerland’s innovation forces, reflected daily with the results and distinctions obtained by its researchers, the vitality of home-grown entrepreneurs and in the international networks established with other centers of excellence.

This innovative spirit coupled with the excellent infrastructure available has attracted to EPFL leading scientists from around the world, and resulted in a spectacular growth of its scientific output and publications. This evolution’s impact is also seen in academic international rankings, confirming the rapid development of the institution.

As a Masters student, you will develop in-depth knowledge in an area of specialty and gain invaluable practical experience in the laboratory. The EPFL Master of Science degrees are well renowned internationally: an excellent preparation for a successful professional or academic career!


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