Molecular and Biological Chemistry

Master's in molecular chemistry

From molecules to life

Modern science is continuously leaning towards Chemistry. In Life Sciences, Materials or Environment, researchers realize that pertinent answers are hidden at the molecular scale. Key activities spread across the chiral synthesis of molecules with biological interests, elucidation of biological mechanisms, molecular conversion of energy, catalytic processes, biosensors and development of new analytical tools. In the heart of this process, chemistry at EPFL benefits from an international environment with more than 70% of research fellows from aborad.

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Program's Objectives

The Master in Molecular and Biological Chemistry is a research program with a strong focus on practice in laboratory.

Students also follow advanced courses in current research domains such as analytics, target synthesis, biological chemistry, computational chemistry, etc.

The Master of Science in Molecular & Biological Chemistry prepares the students for a career in research, combining theoretical understanding of the molecular world and hands-on experience in laboratories.

Entry Requirements

Candidates should have a Bachelor’s degree from a reputable university in chemistry and excellent academic results.


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