Computational Science and Engineering

Master's in computational sciences

A new paradigm in R&D.

Computer simulation has revolutionized the research tools of engineers and is nowadays, besides theory and experiments, essential to many scientists. While the development of high performance computing (HPC) started many decades ago and has provided powerful computing capabilities, it has recently been recognized that integrating HPC to mathematical modeling, numerical algorithms and large scale data bases of observations will lead to a new paradigm in science and engineering.

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Program's Objectives

This Master’s is an inter-disciplinary program which is designed to provide the students a combination of skills in areas such as high performance computing, numerical mathematics, multiscale and multi-physics modeling together with a wide range of elective application courses.

Graduates will gain an outstanding combination of computer simulation, modeling and applied mathematics techniques and enhance their knowledge in chosen application area, enabling them to address tomorrow’s computational challenges in industry. The Master in CSE is also an ideal preparation for various PhD programs in Basic Sciences and Engineering.

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Entry Requirements

The Master in CSE is open to holders of a Bachelor’s degree in natural sciences or engineering with strong interest to combine skills in applied mathematics, computer programming and scientific and engineering applications.


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Program's Structure

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