Energy Management and Sustainability

Master's in energy management

The future is sustainable.

The degree in Energy Management and Sustainability (MES) is an interdisciplinary program built to provide world-class education for all those who put sustainability as the number one priority in the development of our world. Students receive theoretical and practical training, using EPFL’s state-of-the-art research and development facilities.

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Program's Objectives

This project-focused curriculum has been created, built on scientific rigor and professional practice, to provide a unique, interdisciplinary training within energy management and sustainability. The new generation of problem solvers will be able to understand complex systems such as : smart grids for electricity distribution; water dissemination systems; environmental services and electronic networks that control energy consumption. And ultimately, to be able to both maximize their efficient use and minimize their negative impact on society.

The Master of Science in Energy Management and Sustainability (MES) will train professionals who will tackle critical issues in energy management and sustainability such as climate change, enhanced urbanization, energy demand, wind and water use, etc… The aim is to prepare highly-skilled scientists and leaders with scientific rigor and professional practice, for their life in industry, government or academia, anywhere in the world.

Entry Requirements

Holders of a Bachelor’s degree in a engineering discipline such as Mechanics, Physics, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Energy Engineering,… are eligible. Applicants should all have demonstrated a high level of intellectual ability and exceptional analytical skills as well as a strong interest in Environment and Sustainability. They should also have a solid aptitude to work in team.


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Program's Structure

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